An Album for Every Single?

Is there a way to have only real albums show up under the Albums tab on the Clip? I have hundreds of singles, which means I have hundreds of albums, each which has only that single. When I plug the Clip into my computer, the Albums tab there shows only my real albums (about 15), which is how I want the Albums tab to look on the Clip itself. Please help me with this. I know I could make every album into a playlist, but then what’s the point of the Albums tab in the first place?


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It all depends on your tags.  If each of your singles has a different Album tag, then of course they will appear as different albums on the Clip.

One option would be to change the Album tag on all your singles to something like “Singles”.  Then on the Clip you would just have a single “Singles” entry in the Album list and all your singles would appear under the “Singles” album entry.

If all your singles are in one folder (sounds like the are from your description) you should be able to change all the Album tags in one shot using MP3Tag.  If not, you might just want to move your 15 real albums somewhere else temporarilly, change the Album tags on everything that’s left, then move your true albums back.  You should probably backup your singles somewhere first in case you ever decide you want the real album names back.