Hide Albums?


Sorry if this is not new but I did not see any other threads about this question:

I would like only certain albums to appear on the album list on my Sansa Clip.  When I add an album with one or 2 songs, it is just to add those few songs to one of my playlists.  In this case I would rather not have the album listed.  When I add most or all of the songs on an album, I would like the album to display in the album list. Is this possible?  When I delete the album, it re-appears the next time I sync.  I am using Windows Media Player to add and sync with my clip.



This is how the Clip keeps everything straight. It actually reads the info from the ID3 tags, so I guess you could delete the album name in the ALBUM field; that way it won’t show on your player’s menu, but it will come up as UNKNOWN instead.

If you don’t mind this, then go for it. Personally, I’d rather see the Album name than have a bunch of ‘unknowns’. When you monkey around with the way things are supposed to be, you sometimes create other problems worse than what you were trying to fix.

What’s the big deal if the Album names are there anyway? They’re not hurting anything being there. :wink:


Thanks.  I was just hoping that I wouldn’t need to see an album listed when I only ripped 2 or 3 songs from it.  In these cases I just wanted a song or two for my specific playlists.  I figured I could get it to list only the albums that I ripped most or all of the tracks.  It would just be cleaner.  But, if that’s the way it works - I can live with it.  Regardless, I love this little thing so far.