Clip+ --> Folder vs. Album view issue

I prefer and collect LIVE music performances. All from trader friendly bands: Grateful Dead, Clapton, Neil Young, etc

I Tag the album info in MP3tag but allow the song ID to be what it is from the torrent seeder, for example Disk1 Track1, Disk 1 Track 2, Disk1 Track 3, etc

I know the somgs anyway so that naming works fine for me.

On my older V1 Clip, all of the shows/albums would be in the ALBUMS area on my Clip

However, on the Clip +, these shows / albums only show up in the Folders area, never in Albums.

However (2) if I go in and change the names of those songs to their names–> Sugaree, Deal, Sugar Magnolia, then the will appear in the Albums area on the Clip+

Anyone know why the Clip+ will recognize the show as an Album if the songs have the real names but not if they are tagged as disk / track info only? Then it only sees it under Folder View.

UPDATE–> this is the case for mp3 files. If the shows are FLACS, it doesn’t care that the names are D1 T1, D1 T2 etc, they are loaded into ALBUMS.

Any thoughts why?

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Wow, that’s odd–it suggests that the Clip+ knows what the tags read.

How about if you put the albums into MP3Tag and resave them without changing anything–does that get the albums recognized as albums?  (That has sometimes, oddly, helped me with tag issues.)

Thats a great idea and exactly what I did before I even posted.

There was no change at all.

So I studied what it could possibly be that keeps most of the shows in Folder View only. The only repeatable issue as to why some shows got into Album View, was that they had actual song titles that I took the time to put it. ( Actually I did that in Foobar 2000, (but they transfered to MP3Tag). So I went to MP3tag, selected ALL, and saved. No change.

BUT–> it only was for mp3s!

The Flacs all fell into Album View even with the D1 T1, D1 T2 type of naming.

Here’s another weird thing. Among the mp3’s some songs were gotten with names with .mp3 after the title. 

Example: Sugaree.mp3, Deal.mp3, Looks Like rain,mp3, etc…and they would not go into Album View, only Folder View.

I’d love to know why. There are a lot of bright folks here.



Scottsdale AZ

I wonder if it’s an issue with the database as there will be several tracks with the same title (and possibly artist AND title).  The reason I say this is because on the fuze I’ve noticed it can struggle with album art if there are two albums with the same name (or in some cases with no name at all).  It would pick one of the album covers and give it to every track with that same album name (or no album name).  The tracks were all stored in Artist/Album/ folders so there was no reason for this to happen, other than an issue with the database.

I would suggest adding one of your D1 T1 etc albums only (after a reformat if possible, as that was the only way to resolve my artwork problems even after retagging files) and see if the issue is still there when there is just one album.  If it is… well I don’t know how to resolve it lol

I have just seen another post with a very similar issue

The Sandisk players are very fussy about the tag type. I think they need ID3 V2.3 ISO-8859-1

@jk98 wrote:

The Sandisk players are very fussy about the tag type. I think they need ID3 V2.3 ISO-8859-1



Still seems strange that they would work fine on the clip but not the clip+ though.  People were always complaining about the clip… hate to think what will happen now lol

Thats what they are ID3 v2.3

And why do the flacs go to Albums but not mp3?

I guess I’ll use this Clip+ player as my default FLAC player.

But----> those 16G Micro Sd cards need to come down in price soon or else I’ll never get many shows on here.

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Is the USB mode on your Clip+ set to MSC?  Oddly, that sometimes seems to fix things. 


MSC mode.

As before, it’s just weird.  My files/folders appear fine under folderview, but then, they all have “regular” ID3 tags.