Altec-Lansing inMotion iM413 discontinued - So now what????


Just before Thanksgiving I ordered the Altec Lansing Im413 Docking system. But only to find out later that the item was discontinued and have been trying to find it anywhere online. Does anyone know if there is a newer model being made or if that is a suitable available docking station to the iM413?

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I asked essentially the same question a few days ago. Have not seen an explanation or lead on an alternate device.  Too bad.

Yeah tell me about it, oh well thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

You can read the tail end of my thread- should be near the top now.  Couple of suggestions.  And then my somewhat jaded response.

I do not believe it’s discontinued…Just not available right this instant.  Many of these companies make deals with overseas operations and only are able to produce the product when all the parts are in place.  If it was discontinued, it would have been pulled from the Altec Lansing website.  I bet it will again be available at some time in the future.

Here’s to hoping you are right! But it seems rather odd they would let the product run out just before christmas.

You might be interested in the Griffin Powerdock (in stock and only $12 w/ free shipping on Amazon). It doesn’t have a remote control or built-in speakers, but you can add a pair of decent PC speakers and an AC-to-USB power adapter pretty cheaply, and end up with something similar to the Altec Lansing dock. 

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i contacted Altec…they, with much difficulty, acknowledged that iM413 will not be available again

I’ve seen very mixed reviews on the Griffin dock which makes me hesitant to implement it as part of a rigged im413 replacement. 

Has anyone turned up a solid lead on a good solution?

@theotherbob wrote:
i contacted Altec…they, with much difficulty, acknowledged that iM413 will not be available again

If there is enough demand for it, they would make it available in a heart-beat.  All of this tells me that because of the low demand, the unit is no longer profitable.

I’ve got three Griffin Powerdocks - two connected to hi-fi seperate systems and one in the car. Work perectly. If you can live without a remote, then they are a bargain at $12.