Altec Lansing dock (iM413) now $29.99 at

And free shipping if you don’t mind waiting a little longer.

Today only , you can save $5 on the same item at

UPDATE: sold out.

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Lol Todays woot it a View (refurb).

Cool- thanks for the heads up!

As of today (06/02) they’re sold out… thank goodness mine shipped yesterday supposedly…  I have the Griffin dock ($20) but wanted this for portability and built in speakers.  also the price shows back at $80+ on…and no more free shipping either…

Guess those who jumped on it got a great deal…

Mine arrived today, 5 days after ordering it (free shipping too)

I must say I am very impressed with this thing especially at $30. Well built is an understatement. The remote is OK and it does control almost everything except navigation like with the wheel. Next track, previous and the like works as does pause/resume with the fuze. If you power off the dock, the player even pauses. On power on of the dock playback continues where it left off.

Using Playlist Creator I created a play list for each album and a few for multiple albums so I could simply pick something like “MeatLoaf-all” to play all 4 albums I have, or even one “All-rock” for multiple albums and artists. That way I can simply pick that playlist and never have to walk across the room to pick another album and it will play all day. 

I’m going on a one-day road trip next Sat and my car does not have audio-in so I’ll use this in the car for music on the way. I’ll get a 5v converter for the cig-lighter socket to use   or I can use 3-AA batteries.

It’s fairly loud, maybe not ‘party’ loud  but enough to fill a room.

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