Album Art

What is the optimal file size and / or pixel size and / or file type?


Album art details are a bit fussy for optimal display on the Clip Sport.

I am having reliable results with these specifications:

Width x Height = 192 x 192 pixels

   (200 x 200 seems to work sometimes)

Resolution = 72 pixels/ inch

   (100 seems to work sometimes)

Use filename “folder.jpg” at 80-95% compression quality.

Delete all EXIF data from the folder.jpg file.

I get reliable results with one album art file named “folder.jpg”, saved in the folder with the corresponding mp3 files.

     Reliable results if all clip art is deleted from the individual mp3 files

     Saving the correct folder.jpg into each mp3 files also works. 

I have trouble getting folder.jpg art to display properly using m4a files I purchased from iTunes.

     But, these files play well, just like mp3 files on the Clip Sport.

It will be helpful to see suggestions from other Clip Sport users.

the album art file size cannot be larger than 500kb as well. if it is it will be ignored. 

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