Clip Sport: How large is your album art?l

I thought I understood this device.

The album art is usually a small 52 x 52 image, in the middle of an 84 x 84 light-red square area. But, I now have some albums that expand that to 82 x 82.

What is the cause?  What do I need to do, to the rest of my Album Art?

Not really sure waht happened here but auto resizing perhaps? 

All 4 images are 192x192, but appear quite different on Clip Sport.

The last is even no longer square, and has a black area added.

I went back to my album-cover images (all 600 x 600, named albumart.jpg ), which I had collect off the Internet. There all appear flawlessly on Linux or Android, in various music appllcations (or image viewers).

I opened each with GIMP v2.8 (under Ubuntu 14.04 Linux). One image had an embedded colour profile of ‘Adobe RGB (1998)’, and I was prompted to convert this to sRGB. I flattened each image, then exported at (default setting of) 80% quality. Then used my standard script (which uses ImageMagick v6.7) to resample all images to 192 x 192 , output as filename folder.jpg.

When transfered to the Clip Sport, all four images now behave identically. Now images 3 and 4 are also  52 x 52 images.

That was not what I wanted, but I still have my earlier images so will continue …

Were the ones that scaled oddly progressive jpegs?  

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I have a likely cause (which could be a subtle bug in Clip Sport firmware).

All the images that work correctly (display as 82x82 ) appear to have the following attribute:



    exif:Compression: 6

This is supposed to be used only for ‘thumbnail’ images.

From _ Exif 2.3 standard _ (Aug2012):



    The compression scheme used for the image data. When a primary image is JPEG

    compressed, this designation is not necessary. So, this tag shall not be recorded.

    When thumbnails use JPEG compression, this tag value is set to 6.