Album Art

OK here’s the deal. I’m using a 4-Gig fuse the firmware is up to date, my OS is XP Pro and everything else involved is up to date. I don’t sync the Fuse I drag and drop the music as well as the album art. There are about ten bands on the player, all in the Music folder, each with their own folder, and in their folder are the Album folders with mp3’s and album art (.jpg). Everything was cool till today. In the Music folder I made a new folder named “Beatles” in that folder is a folder named “Revolver” in that folder are the mp3’s and album art for Revolver. There are also two other Albums “Let It Be” and “Rubber Soul” which are set up the same way. For some reason the last .jpg added to the Beatles folder is showing on all three albums on the player, when I delete the pictures from two of the folders the third shows up on all three even when two folders are empty of .jpg. ( if I put the album art in Revolver then add art to Let It Be then to Rubber Soul the Rubber Soul art shows in all three on the player and in the player). (If I delete all three album art’s and put one in Rubber Soul or any other album it’s shows on all three, on the player but not in it’s folders). Now that I have your head spinin I’m up for ideas.