ok I already did a post here but now i found a couple bugs in my fuze, a couple big ones. Its to do with the album art stuff, i got two albums the other day rise against appeal to reason(love it) and simple plan stil not gettin any(not so much). well i put them in my fuze like i usally do, i go on gooogle get the album art, put them both in the two seperate folders called “album art” and for some reason they both have the same album art the one from rise against can somone please help?!

don’t use windows explorer. delete all the stuff that was loaded up with wrong album art off of your fuze. then start fresh by loading via your windows media player (MTP)

I had this problem too. I solved it by uploading 1 album at a time. Disconnect your fuze and let it refresh your media before reconnecting to upload the second. This bug you speak of also corrupts the album art file on your fuze. By simply uploading 1 album at a time you don’t have this problem.