Album Art Problem! :S

hello guys, im making this post because im having problems displaying album art in my fuze, i really need to have every tag perfect! haha, no, seriously -.- cuz if i dont i get mad for some reason sooo what i do is place all all album arts like this : Fuze’s root directory > music > “artist folder” > “album folder” > “album art.jpeg” they are all in 300x300 resolution and saved in “baseline (optimized)” thing on photoshop and some of them show up on fuze and some dont, and idk why cuz all of them are the same resolution, formay and type whay could be wrong please help me :slight_smile: thanks, if need any aditional info tell me :slight_smile: thankkkkss!!!


get MP3Tag its cool

They need to be named ‘album art.jpg’, not ‘album art.jpeg’. And no ‘optimized’ nonsense; just plain 'ol vanilla, white bread, run 'o the mill .jpg format.