Actual Size of Sansa Clip 1GB

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I just ripped a bunch of music for a friend of mine at 192kb/sec and it turned out being 1.04gb. Now I know the 1GB is a pre-formatted number and there needs to be room for the OS and what not. Does anyone know a more accurate size after formatting/os installation/etc…? I will probably re-rip the music at 128kb/sec which should get me down to around 850mb which I figure will fit.

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I’ll have to see if I can find where I wrote that down.  I seam to remember it being something like 920MB out of the box.  That was with the 5 freebie songs on it.

If you are going to go to the trouble to re-rip a bunch of CDs you might want to consider using a lossless format like FLAC.  Then you can experiment with transcoding to MP3 at various bitrates to find the best fit.

My whole library is FLAC and I use Winamp to sync both my Clip and Fuze.  Winamp will transcode to MP3 on the fly while syncing.  I use a lower bitrate on the Clip to fit more files and a higher bitrate on the Fuze for better quality.

Even if you never use the FLAC files for playback, at least you’ll have the flexibility to use whatever lossy codecs/bitrates you want in the future without ever having to re-rip.  Plus you’ll have a backup of your CDs that you can use to recreate a lost or damaged original CD.

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