Accepted Solutions

The accepted solutions feature helps communities identify content that solves 
users’ problems and makes interesting material more prominent and easy to access. 
Community members who post questions or moderators can designate one of the 
replies as an accepted solution. 


Once a solution is accepted, the original message is marked as solved and the reply 

is marked as a solution. An icon on the question takes users directly to the solution. 
If authors or moderators see an even better solution, they can revoke the first choice 
and designate another message as the solution. And users who post the answers to 
their own questions can mark those answers as accepted. 


Accepted Solutions is a great way to highlight useful content and elevate these 

answers in search results.

This is what an Accepted Solution looks like. 

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Next we have integrated Twitter with the SanDisk Forum. You will see a Tweet button at the top of each thread. This gives users the ability to Tweet a post in the forum. For example if a user sees a post on the SanDisk forum that is helpful or something thay would like to share with their friends they can simply click the Tweet button at the top of the thread and once they allow the application to connect with their Twitter account a link to the thread will automatically be posted to their Twitter account. Additionally There will be a Twitter feed widget displayed at the bottom of the forum main page. Here you can see what other Twitter users are saying about Sansa and SanDisk. Administrators and Moderators can then choose relevant Tweets from the Twitter feed and create forum topics. The Tweet authors will be notified when a response is made to the topic created from the Tweet.