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I have owned a Fuze and read this forum for 3 years, now I will post. First thing I did when I log-in for the very first time I see “Announcement”, says to check out ‘accepted solutions to see what works’. This I do, and recieve a page that says " the page you have requested has been deleted". So now I am convinced that no matter how many people type in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS that truly no-one at Sansa can or will hear and are out of touch with reality & the customer. I will no longer support or by Sansa products because just look at how many people have the same problem with SMC for SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many years it’s the same !!! One administrator wrote that SMC is so complex because need to track for royalties. Poo, I use movie conversion from my Panasonic camera to do more than SMC and is only 1% as complex as SMC ! ON Fuze package it says PLAYS FOR SURE compatable with Windows XP, Drag & Drop, these statements are not true. I have Fuze with broken screen but plays. I get new one and try to ‘convert’ as I had been doing with other Fuze, SMC will not convert, grey button, WHY, it was working ok with the other FUZE, but now it doesn’t work with either one, WHY! Why should Fuze be conected to convert when I see in SMC option to “send to temporary folder if Fuze not connected”. And instructions for updates, etc are worded for TECHIE, not newbie, I do not know what a ‘ROOT DIRECTORY’ is so how can I send anything there? No ‘ROOT DIRECTORY’ listed in Fuze folders. Please SanDisk people, listen, help, make simple for customer to use product. Big corperation, many brains, why can’t product be friendly! This IS NOT too much to ask. My Sansa Clip I am loving. It is simple to use. SMC is no excuse to be complex with so many brains to make simple program. Now goodbye, until SMC is fixed I will not support SanDisk…  

Yeah, SMC sucks, but coming here and whining about it helps noone. And posting in this forum doesn’t mean someone from SanDisk will read your post. So it’s basically a waste. Give a try to video4fuze (see my sig) or FuzeVidzs if you still want to convert videos. Why do those programs exist? because some people, instead of whining or complaining about their situation, tried to solve it. PS: WRITING IN CAPITAL LETTERS DOESN’T MAKE PEOPLE READ MORE OR TAKE MORE INTO ACCOUNT WAHT YOU SAY. I’d say it’s the other way around. PS2: OMG! Were you looking for a folder named “ROOT DIRECTORY”?


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ag_pob wrote:
. . . I do not know what a ‘ROOT DIRECTORY’ is so how can I send anything there? No ‘ROOT DIRECTORY’ listed in Fuze folders.

Have you ever heard of Google or Wikipedia?

Root Directory definition

And you mis-read or mis-understood about the complexity of SMC with royalties. One has nothing to do with the other.

3 years of frustration with SMC and you just now decide to post about it. You must have some great patience, so kudos to that.

P.S. Typing in all capital letters is not good forum etiquette or “netiquette.”

@tapeworm wrote:

And you mis-read or mis-understood about the complexity of SMC with royalties. One has nothing to do with the other.

 I’m going to take a guess, and say that the problem has something to do with the fact that SMC uses Intervideo technology. Intervideo no longer exsists, and is now a part of Coral, the same company that makes WordPerfect software. I’ll bet that Sandisk *wants* to fix SMC, but can’t do it without Intervideo’s permission, and that Coral just doesn’t care about the problem enough to give Sandisk whatever they need to fix the problem.

Many reasonable, valid points made, thank you. But please do not attack my lack of tech knowing, this is consumer product and I am consumer. All capitals show frustration that no help arrive after so long, help -help-!!! If not whining on Sansa forum that is found at Sansa web site not be noticed by Sansa then something big time wrong!!! Again saying I should find own solution to product, then I would be engineer or write code, I do not, I am only requesting what the laws of US require of makers, truth and product that does what is claimed!!! Maybe I say, give me $10,000 and I make all your problems go away, and nothing happens, you say “oh well” to bad for me? If Sansa not read or take notice of forum on their website then should not be on their website, should be on private pages with disclaimer. Didn’t someone say to ‘Say what you mean and mean what you say’ ? Product should work, if tied to bum software company, tweak product release as new named product with new software that works. Happy consumers put Ipod away and buy Sansa. and yes tapeworm did say in a 2008 post that royalty tracking was issue for having Fuze connected when using SMC. So sorry for whinig but I don’t know SAnsa CEO phone #'s…tahnk yo all, I wil try video4fuze, thank you…safe journey, bye-bye