AC/car charger

i picked up a belkin charging kit which says it is for “sansa c200, e200, View or Connect”.  the power specifications are "5V(+/- 0.25V) @ 1A

could anyone tell me if this can be used on my 4G Fuse?


Yes, it will work with the Fuze.  Belkin just hasn’t updated their packaging to include the Fuze.

The rule I am using for products related to the fuze are that except for covers if it works for e200 or Connect it will work with my fuze. I have had the Belkin kit for about a year and other than wishing I bought 2 It has worked great with both my players. Also Im not sure this is 100% correct but I also believe that if it has that proprietary plug it will work.

thanks for the input…thought these would work but i was looking for some confirmation