Abandoning SanDisk - Ultra Fit write speed

The fact that the company can allow a product labelled as USB 3.1 to hit the market and for it to actually write at a speed LOWER THAN 2 MB/s is absolutely ridiculous. I still see these for sale at a price that is nowhere near what it should be sold at.

I won’t be buying SanDisk anymore, even the good products. Since no real action is likely to be taken that’s pretty much a given, the merchants with inventory are going to end up with stuff they can’t easily sell and even if the stock has already left the hands of SanDisk you will continue to generate poor customer satisfaction by allowing it to be on the market at a price that doesn’t match the performance. Goodbye.

Oh and it’s STILL being sold on the SanDisk website! Can’t get rid of them I guess. (or not willing to sell it at a price that it’s worth?)

You do realize that write speed to any device involves the machine’s USB port, the machine’s OS, the machine’s OS’s USB driver, the machine’s OS’s security apps, the machine’s OS’s USB’s configuration, and lastly the machine’s OS’s USB write task’s priority.

If you plug a USB 3.1 drive into a 2GB RAM Windows 7 machine don’t expect the USB drive to make the machine faster.

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