AAC Support

I was excited when I got an e-mail advertising this player, as I’m looking to upgrade my e250.  My wife has an iPod, so naturally we have some AAC stuff (75% of it is non-Fairplay).  However, it doesn’t appear the Fuze plays AAC… is that correct?

yes that is correct. I think all sansa products don’t support AAC.

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Bummer.  Would be nice to support it.  I love the Sansa players, but that’s a big drawback if we decide to keep purchasing iTunes Plus tracks.  I guess there is always amazon mp3.

Man, I wish apple or sandisk would support Vorbis.  :slight_smile:


Try mp3fiesta.com - you’re getting ripped off at $1+ per song

mp3fiesta sounds a bit like allofmp3.com, which I question.  If you’re that cheap, just download them for free.

Ripped off for you, but I don’t mind.  I’d rather pay $1 for a song than go buy the whole album if I don’t want it.  $1 is not a big deal.

The Sansa View, the e200R, and e200v1 with Rockbox plays AAC fine.

Bill, aren’t you able to convert the purchased Itunes tracks into mp3? I know Itunes can do it for regular ripped cd tracks…

Can convert aac to mp3 though while the support is lacking. Sure it’ll be there eventually.


Possible batch conversion


I enjoy using a universal conversion program called SUPER (Simplified Universal Player, Encoder, and Renderer - from ErightSoft).  It uses the ever popular MEncoder, as well as FFmpeg to convert from anything to anything.

NOTE: I am not associated with ErightSoft AT ALL.  I just use thier GUI.

Media Coder is free and converts m4a to mp3. I don’t think it converts m4p, however.

iTunes also has a Convert to mp3 function under Advanced.

Get out of the iTunes walled garden. Get mp3s from Amazon, eMusic, or other places.  

Is the search function of the forum broken? There have been many threads about AAC support. Sandisk devices don’t have AAC support because of licensing costs.

bilbravo wrote: Man, I wish apple or sandisk would support Vorbis.  :slight_smile:

As in OGG files? The Fuze plays those just fine. If it wasn’t supported originally, it has been added in a later firmware revision.

@advcomp2019 wrote:
The Sansa View, the e200R, and e200v1 with Rockbox plays AAC fine.

So does the Fuze v1. It won’t be long until it will be listed as a ‘supported’ device on the rockbox site. The biggest concern for the developers is playback from uSD cards which can lead to corruption with certain cards but I have used it for months now without problems.