A Fast Forwarding Tip (for long audio like Podcasts)

I know that many have commented on the slowness of fast forwarding through long podcasts, and others have posted the workaround for saving your place in a podcast (i.e. power the player down while the podcast is still playing).  But the other day I stumbled upon a nice little “feature” that I didn’t know about.

Whenever I *do* lose my place in a long audio file (normally by accidentally advancing to the next track), I find it tedious to have to press and hold down the forward or back button for 10 minutes until I get back to the spot where I was listening.

Here’s an easier way (easier on your thumbs at least)…

  1. Press and hold the forward >>| button (or the back button) as you normally would.
  2. Keep holding until the speed of cueing is as fast as it gets (noramlly takes about 10-15 seconds)
  3. While still holding the Forward button, click over the player’s “Hold” switch.  The hold lock icon will display on the screen, but now you can let go of the Forward button and the unit will still be advancing through your audio file.
  4. You can immediately click the Hold switch back to “off” to regain button control, but the unit will still keep advancing.  This allows you to press “Stop” and play the audio whenever it gets to the right minute count.

I never knew I could do that.  Pardon me if this has been posted before or appears in some other documentation.

I think it has, but it’s still a handy trick.

If only the guys making audiobooks would start splitting them into smaller files…  there’s no good reason to make your users deal with 20+ hour long audio files on devices meant for 5 minute long files.