A 128Gb SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-1 card (30 mb/s) Works with my Sansa Clip+

This is just to confirm that it is possible to get a 128Gb micro SD card work with a 8Gb Sansa Clip+ … I reformatted the new card as FAT32, and my Clip+ was running Rockbox. It gives a formatted size of 119 Gb. The formatting was very fast, and it worked first time. No appreciable slowing down compared with the 64Gb micro SD card I used previously. The only “drawback” was waiting for 111Gb of data to copy across from my laptop to the new SD card - having already selected the files I wanted (an even more time consuming task!).

I guess I will probably upgrade to a 256Gb microSD card when one is available (and no longer expensive), but I can’t at the moment imagine needing more space on an mp3 player. The 128gb card meets my need.

The Clip+ has to be the best mp3 player in the world by a wide - wide margin.

Thanks you for the info; I’m sure many will find it useful. Could you elaborate on what program you used to re-format the card? This question gets asked a lot.

Yes, I used a program I googled for, called “Guiformat”. I am afraid It was awhile ago I downloaded it, so can no longer remember whether or not I had to actively work to keep adware off when I did so. So far I have used it to reformat 16GB, 32Gb; 64Gb, and now 128Gb mirco SD cards, in FAT32, all with no problems.

I’d use a USB UHS adapter. The Clip doesn’t support UHS mode, so transfers will be very, very slow.

@saratoga wrote:
I’d use a USB UHS adapter. The Clip doesn’t support UHS mode, so transfers will be very, very slow.

I actually used the SD cartridge that my microSD card came with. Was this sub-optimal?

Assuming it supports UHS, it should be fine.  If its an older one, it won’t have the extra pins.

Actually though I was talking about the reader on the PC. If you use an older reader it’ll be a lot slower.

To put a figure on this discussion, it took between about 2 1/2 and 3 hours to load up the microSD card.

I guess the minimum time would have been…  ((111Gb/30 Mb/s)/60 seconds per minute)/60 minutes per hour … or about an hour.

However, this is pretty much a one off task, as now I have all my mp3 files on it. From now on it should just be the occasionally “fiddling about” as I load up a new audiobook, or remove an unwanted lecture.

I’m very envious!  :slight_smile:

By the way, just saw a 256GB _ full _-sized SDXC card at under $100.  Look forward to that for a micro-SDXC card as well, perhaps next year?   :wink: