8gb SDHC & MicroMate Reading Error

Hey everyone,

I use my SDHC for my Canon SD870 camera and it worked fine UNTIL I plugged it into my micromate and plugged it into my computer. It worked for a little bit and I was able to transfer a number of files. After I left it idle for 15 minutes or so, I tried to grab more files but the system could not recognize it anymore. Now, the computer recognizes the MicroMate, but does not recognize that there is a SDHC card in it. I tried it in my camera as well and it says “memory card error” so I’m thinking the MicroMate messed it up.

This happened last week n’ I’ve been fiddling around, but still nothing. Any help?

What exactly is a Micromate?

@tapeworm wrote:
What exactly is a Micromate?

It’s the USB card reader SanDisk ships with many of its SDHC cards (since many built-in card readers don’t support SDHC).  IIRC, there are two versions–a large white one for full-sized SDHC cards, and a small gray-and-red one for MicroSDHC cards.

Ahhh . . . thank you, RBBrittain for the explanation.

Originalandrew, I’ve not heard of this problem occuring with a card reader before, but you might try re-formatting the card. Be sure to format it as FAT32, &  DON’T select the “Quick Format” option. Hope it works out for you. :smiley:

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Three different card readers (2 computer, 1 HP printer) report error on trying to download 8GB San Disk Ultra.  Help.  Frank

it could be the reader or it could be the card. can you test the card in other readers or devices and see if you get similar