8gb cruzer no longer works...help!

I had to do a complete system restore on my laptop and now the thumb drive doesn’t work.  T’he light flashes orange and it shows up on My Computer, but no matter what I do I can’t access the files.  What am I doing wrong???

It’s possible your antivirus app is restricting U3 from launching.  It’s also possible Windows has assigned a drive letter normally assigned to the U3 drives to something else.


Thanks for the response!  I don’t think it is the antivirus causing the problem, but I’ll have another look at it.  How would I determine if Windows has assigned a drive letter to something else?  BTW, I’m not sure what that means…

just dualboot Ubuntu with wubi installer. then just format it from there. after you’ve format your drive, just reboot your pc with windows and see if it works. if it dosent work, then i dont know…

(this is only if you have non important files on your drive).

ps. but if your lucky, you can get acces to the usb drive files with ubuntu. and can copy it to your current harddrive! :smileyvery-happy:

pps. sorry for my bad english, but i hope this helped…


Disk Manager is available in XP via RIGHT clicking on My Computer then clicking on Manager.  Not sure where with Win 7 but I’m sure the function is there.