8GB Clip+ battery is 9 Hour Wonder

I am sorry to report that the 8 gig Clip+ that I bought new from Amazon and raved about has become another of the 9 Hour Wonders!  3rd full discharge of the battery just occurred at

9 hours and 57 minutes.  The battery indicator looks almost half full and out of nowhere it shuts down on low battery warning.  I am beyond discouraged because I have almost $100

invested in the two Clip+ that I own and neither will go much over 9 hours.  My settings are not on high and the only thing I do use quite a bit is the center button to see the time

elapsed.  I have a memory card in one device but not in this new one.  8GB is no good if you have to spend so much time charging.  All firmware has been installed. 

All of my regular clips both 2 and 4 GB get between 12-14 hours.  Some of them are two years old and heavily used. Go figure!

Donna in AR

I only wish mine would last 9+hours. After just 2+ hours my battery is down to 58% charge. I’ve already sent my first clip+ back for replacement and the second one is just as bad as the first. I love everything else about this product but the battery issue really makes me mad. It’s false advertising to promote this player’s battery as lasting up to 15 hours.  I know, I know the 15 hours is only at optimum playback;  but I’m reminded of Tom Waits “… the large print giveth and the small print taketh away step right up, you can step right up…”

I agree.  I love the Clip+ that is finally able to change Audible book parts automatically.  It has a lot of good qualities but the battery simply is not up to the task.  I really should get

an RMA on both of mine but frankly I dread the call to SanDisk worse and why return it if you get an equally bad one in return.  I guess I’ll just use it until it is gone and consider this

a HARD lesson learned.

 I agree that the battery life is a little disappointing. On the other hand, how often do you really need to use it more than 8 or 9 hours at a clip(pardon the pun)? I haven’t found it difficult at all to adjust. It’s easy to charge it here and there…there’s chargers everywhere that will work with it, many cell phones use the same type of chargers. For that matter, if you don’t have one, you can get one for just a few dollars…unless you are away from AC power outlets, the entire time, it’s easy enough to grab even a partial charge here and there. I use mine daily, yet it has never run dead on me.

Would I like a longer lasting battery? Sure…but then you’d end up with a bigger player…the price we paid for a card slot was a smaller capacity battery. It’s a trade-off I’m content with…but as always, YMMV.:smiley:

The battery life could be much better. I’ve had my Clip+ battery die out a few times on me.

Whereas my old iPod Nano had an absolutely amazing battery life. It felt as though the battery was infinite. I would only charge it for a few minutes as it synced on my computer, but it would last weeks and weeks before I had to leave it at the computer to charge. I am a reasonably heavy listener, btw. I tried the same behavior when I got my Clip+ and it was dying off on me regularly.

My “fix” was simply to buy a cellphone charger with mini-usb plug and connect my Clip+ to charge when I go to bed. With that setup, I can even listen to a podcast to lull me to sleep and I wake up with a fully charged Clip+.

Good idea!  I have 7 clips so I do spend a lot of time charging because I keep at least two books going and switch from one machine to the other.  I guess I really should not have

voiced a complaint BUT the Clip+ could have been perfect with a little tweaking by San Disk and my 4 GB regular clip is as good as it gets. In my view the convenience of the

Clip and Clip+ as far as size outdoes my iPods by a country mile.  I guess that is why I thought SanDisk woul perfect the Clip+ and not scrimp but then who said that ours is a perfect world.  I’ll just keep charging.  LOL