64mb, rehashed.

This does seems to be a common(ish) complaint, but I am in need of a definite answer, so here goes. My SanDisk Switch 16gb decided to begin a brand new lease on life today, as a corrupted 64mb RAW formatted beast. I would buy a new drive, but this one happened to take some very important files with it - layouts, plans, perspectives etc. from my architectural work.

I’ve been trying to recover partitions using Testdisk, but haven’t found anything to recover. The drive is still resolutely 64mb. I didn’t get anything from ddrescue either, or any of the other billions of programs I have been frantically trying.

Has this issue every been resolved? If so, how? If not, I would like to know - then I can have a cup of tea, forgive myself, and begin repeating several weeks worth of work all over again. The lesson here does not escape me.

Thanks for your time.

Isn’t this what happens when a USB flash drive is removed from a USB port that has been configured for Performance rather than Safe Removable without using Windows’ Safe Removable icon?  Or is this the one caused by a virus? 

The computer I was using was absolutely configured for safe removal. I doubt a virus was involved - it was an institutional computer.

Are you able to run CHKDSK, in read only mode, on the drive?