Help me usb ultra 128 Gb

Hello Sandisk!
I have a sandisk usb now connected to the computer with the format as shown in the picture. Please help me fix this error. Thank All!

If this is a brand new drive, return it to the seller.

If this is a drive you have used, try Safely Removing it, rebooting, reinserting the drive, opening a Command Prompt window and running a CHKDSK G: /F command.

If the above steps don’t fix the problem and you have files on it that are not backed up that you need you will need to find a recovery business to try to recover your files.

Good luck.

This error may happen becuase of not recognized file system of the usb or bad sectors.
Firstly, you may remove it safely, then reboot and reconnect it via another usb port.

If the error still exists, open Disk Manager to see its status there. If it is a RAW, the file system is problematic. You can run CMD using chkdsk utility to fix it. Or, try Partition Wizard to check its file system.

If it’s not helpful, just follow the prompt to format the usb after recovering all important data from it.