64gb Backup Ultra USB drive

Ive got a 64gb Backup Ultra USB drive, and since formatting it, the computers displays it as a 200mb drive. I’ve gone onto ‘computer managment’ and selected ‘disk management’ and I can see that the drive has 2 partitions. the first partition is 200mb, the second is 61.74gb, and I can’t seem to delete either. Can someone help… please?

the drive should ahve 2 partitions . one should be a cd ROM u3 system drive the other should be a removable. sandisk has released a non U3 version of the backup software and since U3 is no longer supported i would suggest uninstalling u3 and using the stand alone version of the backup application.

there is a sticky at the top of this board for uninstalling U3. use that for instructions on removing U3.

next use thisknowledge base article to install the stand alone backup software

Why did you format it?

I believe the smaller partition contained the sw to do the backups to the larger partition which is encrypted.  Since you formated it I don’t know what to tell you.  Have you tried reinstalling the U3 Launchpad?