500 Podcast limit on Micro SD card

After this it will not show on the menu when in books.

I created folder for different items does this mean that each item is counted twice with each MP3 being in a folder in the podcast area. 

Hey Clipfan7, do you remember this message stream from over a year ago on this SanDisk Forum?



What FW are you using with the 500 podcast limit? (Did you ever get the FW 1.28 working on your Clip Sport?)

I think it should be OK to have many subfolders under the main Podcast folder. But you should only have one copy of each Podcast mp3 on your device.  Do you also have 100’s of mp3 files under the Music folder?  

Maybe you are revealing another database limitation of the current Clip Sport firmware?  Podcasts + Music file databases max out at combined total of 2000 files??  

      I was hoping each database would separately max out at 2000 files???