4Gb MicroSd/HC Adapter Cell Phone Problems

Hello there i am currently having issues with my memory card in my cell phone. The Micro sd card works fine in my laptop but my phone will not read it My phone is the LG 260 Rumour provider is PC.

So when i put my music onto the SD card it works fine until i open the media player on my phone and its says memory error please rest phone. i have already done this and it is still not working. and i formated it to my computer for FAT 32. and i’m still getting the same messages. and i go in to the tools in my phone and it still says the same thing when i click Memory Card. to get the file i need. 
i believe i need a dmci( can’t remember if thats it ) but my phone will not put it on the memory card. and i believe this is the file i need to be able to listen to music, save photos etc but i do not know who to get it or what i am suppose to do any help would much be apprciated thanks for yout time to read.