sandisk adapter for a lg sprint phone card

good evening im having problems with my sandisk adapter. i insert my memory card from my lg

but my pc does not recognize or pop up the green light in front of tower is lit but nothing shows up

it’s always worked. but stopped working about a week ago.

any help would be greatly appriciated

thank you johnny

It will help if you provide us more information. :smiley:

Are you using a MicroSD adapter?

Is the card still working with you phone?

Have you tried using your phone as a means of reader?

if the card still works in your phone and it worked before in the computer slot with the adapter then the adapter is probably bad. you can pick one up almost anywhere for a little of nothing though so i would just get a new adapter. 

if the card still works in the phone and the card worked before in the adapter on your computer then i would say the adapter is bad. you can pick one up at most CE stores so i would just pick up another adapter. 

thanx alot i’ll try that