32gb sandisk mobile ultra microsd not working

Yesterday I bought 32gb sandisk mobile ultra microsd card for my HTC Desire HD.

I unable to transfer my dat from my old 16 gb sandisk card to my new 32gb card.So I tried formating my new 32 gb card using my windows laptop.Windows was unable to format my new 32 gb card.

After googling i tried following stufff

a) Formatting using my Digi cam as well as my handy cam 

b) formating using these application (HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool,SeaTools for Windows,SDFormatter,windows disk management,panasonic bnsdusb.exe)

c) using my phone(HTC Desire HD and also using HTC Wildfire)

d) using brand new card reader (which reads SDHC cards etc)

still its not working after performing all the above stuff

I have already sent register my card and send a mail to Sandisk

Currently I am in Bangkok,Thailand

I tried following support number and its not working


Could you please guide me what to do next

Thanks in advance


same problemm with me some1 plz help

  1. what are the error message u get when u try to format the card?

  2. which Windows do u have on ur computer?

  3. How do u connect ur SDHC card to ur PC?

    Through an adapter? which card reader? or ur phone?