32GB mobile ultra failure Micro

I bought this from Amazon.Com Dec. 14, 2012. I got it yesterday and transferred some music to it.  About an hour later my phone asked me if I wanted to format it. The included adapter did not read the card at all in the computer so I used another sandisk adapter which worked fine. h2testw brings up an error near the end of the cycle saying the last bits are corrupt. Write and read speed is 4.03mb/s. I registered the product online and trying to get a replacment. If I try to store any information on it the computer brings up a pop up later asking if I want to format the drive.

I partitioned over the card and got it to work for now. The speed however is slow. It writes at 3.5- 4.00mb/s and reads at 17.5 mb/s. My class 6 card is much faster than this card at writing. I will wait till the morning and put in a return authorization with the online vendor if Sandisk doesn’t respond by then.

I think the specs are off on this card 30mb/s should have a decimal 3.0 mb/s.


The adapter for this card is bad. I used a card adapter from a sandisk 4gb card and the card reads and writes just fine. I thank MC TECHY the vendor from amazon that sold me this card  whom helped me discover this. The adapter was corrupting further writes to the phone when switching to the adapter to transfer files back and forth from the PC to the phone.

I have the same problem. I just spent three hours trying different things but this card is dead. I bought a 32 GB microSD Ultra in October, and I was manually transferring files with a USB cable.  After I was finished, I used the eject feature in Windows before disconnecting the cable, but the phone gave me an “improperely disconnected” message.  Now, I can’t see the card in the phone or on a computer with an SD card reader. My phone is a Motorola RAZR M.

This is not appropriate behavior.  Even if I ejected the card improperly, that should not wreck the card.  These things need to be more robust. 

I had this problem once before with a different phone and after ejecting and reinstalling it in an adapter a few times, the card came back to life.  Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened today with this 32 GB card.