32 gb micro sd overheating

i have recently got a sanddisk ultra plus an i have a problem with it overheating i insert it to my phone and it gives me an error that says blank sd card and gives me a option to format it, so i format the sd card and it keeps saying it over and over again so i try to put it in another phone and that phone also overheats in the sd card slot area ( the system itself does not heat up only the sd card slot heats up) and in this case i said oh well my files are gone so i insert it to my computer with the sd card adapter that came with the sd card itself but my computer wont reccognize it at all and just so you know its not my phones or computer or the sd card adapter because i put a regular 4 gb sd card in my phone and computer and it worls perfectly so im just wondering if there is a solution to this. but if there isint well i guess im stuck with my old 4gb memory card

Sounds like it’s defective to me. You should return it to where you bought it from for a refund or exchange, or if not possible contact SanDisk directly for a warranty replacement.

Btw, you posted this in a board dedicated to The SanDisk Ultra Plus SSD (Solid-State Drive) board. You have a memory card. If you have any other questions or problems relating to memory cards, you should post them here instead. :wink: