2nd Clip+ dies unexpectedly

I’m now on my 2nd clip+ purchased from Amazon.  1st one worked BEAUTIFULLY for over two weeks and then died suddenly while I was listening.  Would not charge and when connected to computer, would not display Clip+ on Windows Explorer.

Amazon immediately accepted return & sent a replacement (my 2nd Clip+).  I received the replacement from Amazon on June 27, '12 and that unit has just died in the exact same manner as 1st clip+.  Again my 2nd Clip+ worked BEAUTIFULLY until today (Sept 30, '12) 3 mo & 3 days.  Unfortunately, this unit is now past the return-replace date for Amazon.

I assume the battery is bad but two units in such a short time???  Has someone sold Amazon a cluster of defective Clip+ units?? 

Chances are neither one is actually ‘dead’, but merely frozen or ‘playing possum’. This happens once in a while.

_ Press and hold _ the power button for 20-30 seconds to perform a reset. Release the button, then in a couple seconds press it again momentarily to power it on. It likely will start up and run normally. If it doesn’t work, try a longer reset up to a minute.

Let us know what happens.