16gb micro sd in sony ericsson yendo mobile phone

has anyone got any experience of working with a 16gb micro sd in a sony ericsson yendo walkman mobile phone?

this is the combination i’ve got

i can connect the phone to my pc via usb and use sony media go app to transfer music to the 16gb micro sd whilst it is in the phone without a problem

the phone has only once though recognised that it has the memory card in it and let me play any music

trying to decide where the problem lies sony v sandisk?

any help appreciated


Have you checked/confirmed that your phone supports that large of a memory card?

sony say that memory is fine

sandisk compatibility says that memory and phone combination fine too

just can’t get phone to recognise memory

have done a sony update to software but makes no difference

perhaps i should junk the sandisk and go sony?

One other possibility . . . there are a lot of counterfeit 16 & 32GB memory cards being sold these days (primarily on eBay). Did you buy yours from a reputable dealer? Do you have another device in which to try it? Does it seem normal (read & write) if you connect via a card reader to your computer?

You can also check it with h2testw. If it’s a fake, counterfeit or just plain defective, this should tell you.

i have tried the card in my mum’s sony spiro, same issue

i have tried the sandisk 4gb micro sd hc card i bought in staples here in the uk for the spiro in my yendo, same issue

have downloaded H2testw and set it running, looks like that is gonna go for another 4 and half hours, will let you know what the result is

quick update 16gb micro sd hc is fine, just doesn’t work with a yendo, despite sony and sandisk saying it is compatible!

only way yendo will work as a walkman is with a sandisk 2gb micro sd (not big enough!!!)

with a larger capacity hc micro sd forget it and go home, useless

I have also the same problem. It keeps saying error Idk. :frowning: