16gb Cruzer U recognition and software

I was given a Cruzer U 16 GB USB flash drive, filled with photos of children and grandchildren (mine).  First my HP mini 110 would not recognize it, then it saw it but didn’t know what it was, then I followed the advice of someone posting on this forum and uninstalled it and scanned for hardware change and it saw it as a storage disk, USB.  BUT the driver cannot be installed, no matter what I do, either from the WEB or Windows. 

The flash drive works, as I tested it on another computer (a public one, though, so could not copy to another flash drive).  I just want to download these photos.  How can I get this Cruzer to work? The computer is a 32 bit Windows 7 starter HP mini 110-3130NR.   I’ve had no trouble with flash drives in the past.

I suspect your pc’s security system(s) are preventing changes to it.  Possibly the Windows UAC, possibly the pc’s antivirus app.  You need to check their logs and see if they show references to the Cruzer. 

Do you have Norton installed here? That’s your number 1 suspect. Disable any security software that you have on just to isolate the issue.