16gb Cruzer Can't view files or import new ones

I have a 16gb ScanDisk Cruze Glide.  I tranferred a lot of files to the device a few weeks ago that were very important.  I put as many files as I could on there.  Currently, the drive (when viewed through explorer) says that it has 14.8gb of used space and 4.34mb of free space.  

When I view the drive with explorer, can’t see anything.  It’s like the files are on there but they can’t be seen.  I can create new folders or documents, so long as they are very small, and those are viewable and accessible.  I don’t want to reformat the drive because it says that I will lose the files that are saved on there (somewhere…).

Any ideas?

Open a command Prompt and enter an ATTRIB command for the drive.  Something like:


Does it show your files?