128GB Ultra Fit USB 3.0 in Read Only (only in Windows 7)

I have a 128GB Ultra Fit USB 3.0 that works perfectly in my PCs with Windows 10, but if I connect it on a PC with Windows 7, I can’t write anything on it. This behavior starts a few weeks ago, before that I hadn’t any problem using it with Window 7.

By the way, I did not format my flash drive, or changed its file system or something like that.

Any ideas?



I would suspect a Windows 7 update or an antivirus update.  Are there any error msgs when you try to write to it?

Thanks for your time Ed_P.

The error is 0x80071ac3. I forgot to mention, I use exFat on that drive. I google the error and found a silly (at first look) solution:

  • Right click que letter unit and then Properties

  • Customize tab

  • At "What kind of folder do you want "  section,  choose General Itens and check “also apply this template to all subfolders”

  • Click OK

As I said, a very silly solution, I never changed this setting before for this drive, but… it works!



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Thanks for the update Andrei. :smiley:  Good to read a happy ending.

I suspect the problem was caused by a Windows update changing a default.