128gb MicroSD card unstable - cannot put many files on it

I recently bought a class 10 128gb MicroSD card from Sandisk through Amazon. I assumed this would guarantee that it’s real.  It looks genuine to me.

However. When I try to copy files onto it I can only put a small amount until the card crashes and starts acting like it’s been ejected and then re-entered into the card reader, over and over until I get an error message telling me that there is nothing in the drive. I have been googling for help and someone mentioned formatting it to FAT32, I tried that and it just became even more unstable.

I also have a class 10 65gb microSD card from sandisk and haven’t experienced anything like this with it.

Is it the card or is it my internal card reader?


in order to make sure that you have a genuine card i would suggest to contact the sandisk support and provide all the information of the card. If the card is genuine you can try to format the card with the pc on ExFat where its the native format for the card.

if that still does not work you will need to replace the card with a new one