1 GB clip software

 I keep reading about clip software and I am wondering if there is supposed to be a software disk supplied with the clip when you buy it? There was no disk in the box when I purchased my 1 GB sansa clip. I am having no problems but I figure if There is supposed to be software I’ll see if I can get it. 


The only software that comes with the clip is Rhapsody, which allows you to download mp3’s from the Rhapsody website.  When I installed it on my PC, it screwed up the system registry.  My advice - don’t install it.

Chuck, I’m guessing you’re propably reading about firm ware…? This is sort of the operating system on your Clip. It can and should be updated to fix bugs or add functionality. Sandisk releases new versions from time to time. Please read the first post in this thread. Most here will advice you to avoid the Updater program and simply drag the file (called m300x.bin) to your Clip. Please browse or search for other threads, it has been described many times.


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Thanks for the comebacks. As for Rhapsody I don’t want it anyway. As for the firmware upgrade I downloaded the Sansa updater and got the latest firmware version with no problem so I guess I’m all set. Thank you both for your help. I have found that I get better help on forums than I do trying to get tech support. Thanks again and I have to say that the clip is really fantastic. So much more for the money compared to IPods.:smiley:


So much more, and better …