x400 accumulating 1TB of writes per hour?

I could not find a forum for my drive… So I guess I’ll just put this here.

I recently purchased a Sandisk x400, after installing my SSD into my PC(custom built, windows 10) I installed HDDSentinel to keep and eye on my writes.

To my suprise I had already written over 5tb to the drive just by installing windows, I double checked this number with CrystalDiskInfo and sure enough, I watched my writes go up by 1tb per hour.

I downloaded the Sandisk dashboard app (pictured) and it seems the number HDDSentinel and Crystaldiskinfo is going off of 241:Total LBAs written.

Is this information true? Is Total LBAs written showing in GB on the sandisk utitility?



Please also see that NAND writes are only at 115GB

I have googled non-stop for 2 days and sandisk never explains this number. There are a few people that tell you to multiply that number by the sector size but that would mean I only wrote 4mb to my drive. So this number is not normal.

Hi Bangshak,

Please contact our support center and share with them your full dashboard report. You can refer to this post on forum and ask them to escalate the case.