SSD total GB written problem.

Hi guys,i used to have the OS in a regular Hard disk and i used a program to clone it to my new SSD.Everything is working fine and the system got faster.But there is a big problem,that i cannot determine what is causing it.The smart total gb written value is going up by 1gb per hour or more,and i dont understand what is causing it.Help me out if you can,cause the drive wont last for long if i cant stop it.

What i did so far is,to move the browsers cache,the utorrent program,Avast,windows 10 download folder,And win 10 temp folders,to a regular HDD disk.I got no clue what else to do.If you need me to do something that can determine the cause,pls let me know.

PS:Here is a screen to show you the problem


in that case first of all i would suggest using the official ssd dashboard software from sandisk to check the smart information of the drive in order to have accurate results,

here you can download the dashboard

after that you can see if the same happens with the drive

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Thanks for the responce,this is what im using and i saw it from there also.Is there something that can show the drive activities to determine what is causing it?

you should be able to see what application or service is doing it in task manager. 

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