X300s problems


First time poster.  Just got a 1TB X300s off of eBay and while I can format it and use it properly in one computer (using an LGA 1155 motherboard), I can’t in a second computer.  This second computer uses the same chipset as the first, but no matter what I do (e.g., change cables, disconnect other drives, etc.) it won’t show up.  The drive passes all SMART tests in the first computer and the SSD Dashboard reports it’s funtioning normally.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

More information.  The SSD works fine on two computers.  One with a Foxconn H67S motherboard and one with an ASUS P8H61-I motherboard.  The motherboard which it won’t work on is an ECS H77H2-M3.  The ECS motherboard has the latest BIOS and I’ve tried plugging the SSD into multiple ports (both SATA III and II).  I’ve also switched SATA cables and confirmed that other HDDs and SSDs work on this motherboard.  BTW, I’m also using a Xeon CPU, if that makes any difference.  Thanks again for any help you can offer!

I don’t think the CPU makes difference, however this drive was not purchased through an authorized retailor and may be pre-owned, if that is the case the we have no way to find out what happened to this drive previously that may cause this