X110 256Gb - showing as WD 512 drive in Bios

I connected the new Sandisk X110 drive via usb to my laptop and when I look in the bios it is showing up as a WD 512Gb drive? I’ve even removed the internal drive and tried it in the sata port and it still reports as a WD drive. But if I boot up and use the Dashboard it reports correctly as a 256Gb Sandisk. When I try to format under disk management if fails with unknown sector number (I guess because it’s trying to format to 512Gb not 256!)

Is there a way to reset to factory settings to get it to report and format correctly?



I just put the drive on my windows 10 machine via USB and went into the disk management. It showed the drive partition as 512Gb. I deleted the partition and recreated the simple volume and now it show’s correctly. I tried this before on the windows 7 machine I was exchanging the disk on but it didn’t work.

All good now.