Won't play FLAC 24/96 nor 8-ch surround files

The player tries, but skips each file after 5 seconds and then eventually locks-up and I have to hold the power button until it resets.

My main music file collection on my desktop is mostly high quality FLAC and sync directly without any time-consuming transcoding to MP3 for the ClipZip and I want the HQ files when I resync at work.  Yes, it’s overkill to expect the ClipZip to play these as intended, but a viable sample-rate conversion on-the-fly would be wonderful as well as rules how to mix 8-ch surround files to 2-ch.

Or failing the above, how about it displaying an error about “samplerate too high” instead of trying and locking-up?

The Zip’s flac decoder is such a mess it struggles to handle 44.1k stereo flac files. Faster stuff is probably out of the question. FWIW, we recently fixed multichannel decoding in the rockbox flac decoder, so you may be able to play those files using rockbox. However, they’ll be converted to 44.1k on the fly with rather poor quality and i’m not sure we can do all 8 channels. You will get the best results if you convert your files on the PC first. We need about 10 MHz per 44.1k/16bit channel pair. You’ve got 4 pairs at 4x the sample rate plus the overhead of mixing and resampling on a 250MHz CPU.