Wondering if this was a good decision....

My son’s i-pod was so easy to install and configure compared to this.  I’m really wondering if spending the extra money would have been worth every cent over this fustration.  I see so many of us having problems dated today - how many are having no problems do you think?

I was just thinking the same thing.

ive had 4 full size ipods… plenty of ppl have probs w/those too… read Apple support and visit those forums… i had no probs w/clip…by the few new visitors here, i think not so many have probs w/it either…you wont be sorry

Have had no problems this end (although the Sansa Updater doesn’t seem to like dial-up).

to install the updater is a total mistake…

I wonder how many of these postings are from Steve Jobs? This simple, inexpensive player with great audio quality must have him and Apple stockholders scared.

Well, I don’t know about that.

I bought 3 for my sons for Christmas, and so far, only 1 worked out of the box.  The other two are giving all the problems I’m seeing here.

I wouldn’t think it should be that hard to move files from a computer to an MP3 player. 

I’m very disappointed in these players.  I have a Sansa M240 for myself, and I love it.  You shouldn’t have to do all these tricks to get something to play.