Windows 7 Computer wont recognise Ultra II in USB caddy (Also no Mac support)

So, I just bought an Ultra II 480.

I need to update its Firmware so it will work correctly with an Atomos Ninja Blade (Monitor/Recorder) (Number 1 issue)

I own a Mac, but there is no Mac software. (Number 2 issue)

So I pulled out my old Win 7 computer, installed the program FINE.

I plugged in the USB caddy that came with the Atomos Ninja Blade with the SSD in it but the Win 7 computer wont recognise it (Number 3 issue).

I try to get Live Help (During the correct times) but that doesnt work either (Number 4 issue)

Atomos tell me I need to be running firmware X41310XL

So where do I go from here please?

if the drive is new it will be unpartioned so Win 7 will not show it as a disk. you can check disk management to see if the drive is seen by the computer. it should show up an a drive with no drive letter and unallocated for the storage. 

if it is seen by the computer in disk management and the dashboard is not seeing it it is possible the USB doc you are suing is not passing the drive information through from the drive to the computer. if this is the case you would need a different USB cable or doc before the drive will be seen by the dashboard. 

I am in the US and just checked sandisk chat and it is working and support is available. if you are having issues connecting try giving them a call. 866-SANDISK

I feel completely cheated, I bought a micro card with adapter in a Duty Free at Rio de Janeiro International Airport city where I live, Sandisk ultra 16GB code: 4014DGAOZOEN BL it was sealed and tamped. I kept it away from any electromagnetic source for use later (I’m an engineer and I know how to take care about it). What was my surprise when using it for the first time, I put it in a Sony camera and took dozen photos and when I arrived at my residence, I went to pass the photos to computer nothing appeared on screen both the PC and the laptotp of my Residence such as the PC of the company where I work did not recognize it, I tried to format it, not recognized, then tried to use on both my Android and my Win Phone phones and it was not recognized either. Conclusion, I lost a micro card that cost $ 34.99 at that time. One thing I’m sure: Sandisk Never Again !!! I do not trust it, using other brand I’ve never had troubles. All computers run Win7 Home Premium Edition, the WinPhone runs MS Windows 8.1. 

Here’s how I sorted this issue.

I plugged in a Samsung Evo SSD in an Orico caddy (Different from the Atomos caddy) into my Windows 7 laptop.

It then found drivers for it.

I then swopped the Samsung for the SanDisk SSD and reconnected.

It then found the driver for the SanDisk and all was OK so I could update the firmware.

So, I can somewhat blame this on the caddy for the Atomos Ninja Blade although I cant 100% blame it.

I know this wont be an ideal solution for everyone, but at least I had a spare SSD and caddy so through trial and error managed to sort it.