Win Registry

Does anyone know if the “Card Identification Register” data is read in Win32 environment into the Windows Registry?

I’m looking to lock my application software to the SD Card product serial number (32 bit unsigned integer) that it sits upon, so that the software only runs on a specific SD Card.

I do this already with USB Flash Memory sticks, but cannot seem to find a similar entry for SD Cards.

The GetVolumeInformation only reads the serial number given when formatted and this changes if the card is reformatted.



no the info is not pulled by the host. if i am not mistaken you would need to write an application that would pull the info. 

Thanks for the help. This is in connection with some work I’m doing. Shame its not in the registry.

I have a new idea for SanDisk products - both SD Cards and USB memory - that they may be interested in. I’m currently progressing a UK patent on this idea.

Do you know of any person I could contact to see if there is any interest?