Where to find Music Videos

I am new to this whole MP3 player thing and i have a sansa fuze. I noticed that i can play music videos on it but where to i get the music vidoes? So my question is where can i buy music videos LEGALY to put on my MP3?

-Please help

First, you need to go download the ANYVIDEOCONVERTER (it’s free and legal) because the Sansa Media Converter is horrible. Second, you can actually download videos from Google Video and YouTube free using said video converter, which is legal because the fact that if you have FireFox you can do this anyway and Google Video actually has a link on the site to download them. Now, once you have saved your file, open AVC and click add media.

Once you have the videos you want click “encode” and it will start coverting them into a format the Sansa Media Converter can use. Now, after the files have been converted, go to the Sansa Media Converter and add the newly converted media files. After editing for time or whatever, click the covert button and the SMC will conver the files and write them to your fuze. Once they finish, save the project, unplug your Fuze and watch away.

Heelincal:  Have you been able to successfully convert video for the Fuze with that program?  It was my understanding from experimentation that only SMC can currently produce working video files.

you can use vixy.net to convert ur fav youtube vids…there are music vids on there

and yea