Where can I purchase a lanyard for this?

I didn’t see anything on Amazon. Any suggestions?

I don’t think there’s anywhere for a lanyard to (securely) connect.

So no one wears these from around their necks? That’s the only way I wear a player.

@alexdrozd wrote:
I didn’t see anything on Amazon. Any suggestions?

I suppose, if you got the silicone skin, that you could run a cord or chain of some sort through where the armband is meant to go…but the Fuze is a little big to be swinging around like that, I think. The Clip might be better suited to what you’re looking for :wink:

Well, this one may be a bit cutesy, but it has a lanyard.


I seem to remember reading a post in which someone cemented a lanyard to the Fuze. 

Or you could get a silicone skin and put a cord through the slots for the armband, I guess.


The e200 series have a lanyard and a place to attach it on upper LH corner of the case. The lanyard is only large enough to go around your wrist though, not around your neck. The Fuze doesn’t have this. Probably the best work around is what’s already been suggested; getting a case (silicone, leather, or hard) and attaching a neck-strap to that somehow. :smiley: