When will the sansa clip have folder functions?

I know almost everyone that I know wishes that there was folder functions on the sansa clip because the average person isn’t going to know how to edit ID3 tags and etc. And knowing that like me, my ID3 tags on the majority my songs are messed up. Will SanDisk ever consider adding this function like many other mp3 players have?

i really would like that option to be there. but you’re a little wrong. the average person might not know how to edit tags, but the average person doesn’t use MSC mode either… so i doubt they would really care…  also this topic has been discussed plenty of times in other threads and sandisk just doesn’t pay attention to this at this time… sad but what can you do…

A lot of people use MSC mode. If we’re supposed to use tags, why doesn’t the Clip read the disc number tag?