When installing setup, I get a message... Must be a SanDisk flash drive to work

I have an ultra trek 64 gb flash drive… when Igo to set it up etc I get a message, It must be a SanDisk flash drive… It is a Sandisk!! I am re- setting this up and deleted all the data, because I forgot my password and couldn’t acces anything Help please

The reinstall must be executed from the SanDisk drive, not the harddrive where you downloaded it. :wink:

How do we do that then? I keep getting this message too.

You don’t know how to copy & paste files from one drive to another!! You may need to take the pc and drive to a repair shop or have a friend who is a tech stop by to help you.

I have a brand new lap top where do I copy and paste the files from?

You copy the SanDisk file from the place you download the file to. Once found you copy it to the SanDisk drive, next to the vault, not in the vault. Then execute the file on the SanDisk drive.