What is the SanDisk Pixtor microSD card?

I’ve seen this card for sale at Best Buy. The specs seem somewhat high end, similar to the Extrme Plus specs, but I don’t see it listed. And nothing comes up if I do a search on your site.

-Up to 80MB/sec. data transfer rate

-Class 10, UHS-3 speed rating



SanDisk Pixtor microSD cards are a “ruggedized” (as advertised by Best Buy) version of SanDisk’s microSD cards. The max. Read Speed of SanDisk Pixtor microSD card is slightly more than that of their Extreme, and Extreme Plus microSD cards (thereby doubling the amount of time needed to upload data). Write Speeds are on a par with Extreme Plus microSD cards, a third better than Extreme microSD cards. 

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